About the Study

The Swanton Area Wide Plan is intended to identify ways in which revitalization of key sites can serve as catalysts for economic growth for the Swanton community.  The work is being conducted for the Northwest Regional Planning Commission on behalf of the Town and Village of Swanton by Fairweather Consulting along with Stone Environmental and EDR under the guidance of a Project Steering Committee.

The project will involve the following tasks:

Task 1: Project Planning and Coordination

At the outset of the project, the Fairweather Team will attend a kick off meeting to better understand the nuances of the town’s vision and desired outcomes.  During this meeting, NRPC and the Swanton Economic Development Committee will introduce the Area Wide Plan Steering Committee.

Task 2: Existing Conditions Inventory and Analysis

Data collected as part of the existing conditions inventory and analysis will be managed within a geodatabase which will allow for linking of data to specific parcels.  In conjunction with the site inventory and analysis, the project team will conduct an assessment of background market conditions to identify potential uses most likely to succeed from an economic standpoint.

Task 3:  Using the Inventory & Market Analysis to Drive Visioning Redevelopment Concepts and Project Feasibility Analysis

The project team will conduct a community outreach session to identify and define a redevelopment vision for the catalyst/high priority sites in the study area.  This session would begin with brief presentation outlining the overall strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (i.e., SWOT analysis) involved in each priority site.  For each alternative judged preliminarily feasible, the project team will conduct an in-depth analysis of market conditions.  It will identify the size and configuration of the development capable of gaining sustainable market support.

Task 4: Area Wide Brownfield Plan and Implementation Strategy

A plan for reuse and revitalization of the priority sites will be compiled, including an implementation plan.  The Stone Team will develop a web application to summarize the project findings to ensure that the work products are easily accessible and usable by developers, real estate brokers, and the general public. The project team will create a series of plan graphics to highlight the redevelopment potential of these sites.  The findings from the Area Wide Plan and implementation strategies will be presented at a public meeting in Swanton.

Stakeholder and community input is important to us. You can learn more about meetings and other related events through the project’s events calendar page.  Any questions or comments?  Feel free to leave your thoughts on our “news” page or contact us via email.